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Se curó para siempre con las cápsulas de plomo de un fusil.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Una banda como cualquier otra - click aqui

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Importado de Uruguay I

Estoy realmente recargada de trabajo y otras actividades por ende no tengo demasiado tiempo para postear (creo se ha notado) y en esta oportunidad tomaré un camino fácil.
Con éste se inician una serie de posteos de lo mejor de lo expuesto en este 2006 por bandas o solistas nacionales. Espero los disfruten.

Dante Inferno//Tiembla

Amelia (proyecto de quese)//Fa Sostenido

Federico Deutsch & Maverick//Policía de Proximidad

Buenos Muchachos//Villete de Oro

Buenos Muchachos//Que Hacés Joao

Monday, September 25, 2006

Estas lista

Me llega un mail de un amigo que vive en Bélgica con la siguiente lista, disfruten esta demencia o mejor dicho este modo de ver las cosas, así comienza:

"Hace poco estuve mirando listas en revistas (uncut,nme, etc) y encontre una divertida, los artistas mas sobre-evaluados o algo asi; te la envio abajo:

Barrett, Syd:
Opel. Need we say anymore? No wonder you don’t even go out for post.

Beach Boys:
They started out doing bland, half-arsed Chuck Berry ripoffs. And ended up as one man’s mad, overblown gothic folly.

Bowie, David:
That people still lap it up makes one despair at the herdlike stupidity of the human race…

Brown, James:
His entire career is based on a need to celebrate the sound of a man passing a particularly painful stool over the same, off-kilter riff. Repeated for 30 years.

Pioneers of country rock? Some people say that like it’s a good thing.

Captain Beefheart:
Aside from a couple of vaguely tuneful efforts, it sounds like the inmates have taken over the music room and gone to make plink-plonk while snuffing the contents of the ether cupboard. Unmitigated, discordant toss.

Big Audio Dynamite were more consistent, fact.

Today, any pub band in the country will offer up the same kind of dull, plodding rock that the Doors are reputed to have excelled at. Ian Astbury does it better.

Dylan, Bob:
Grisly folky nonsense from a man who wrote a clutch of great songs in the 60s and then spent four decades murdering them…

There’s a fine line between being controversial and simply turgid, and Mark E. Smith stepped over it a long time ago.

Iggy Pop:
Why people endlessly reference Iggy as a punk instigator is beyond us – garage rock was useless then and it is now. His only value lies in his looks.

Lennon, John:
Say what you like about Macca, at least he had toons.

Morrison, Van:
Yes, he’s a jazz man now but that doesn’t earn respect. Retirement might, though. And don’t book him to play your pub.

… became a caricature of his sex-obsessed self and, by the late 90s, he couldn’t get arrested. Perhaps he’ll imitate Puff Daddy next.

Public Enemy:
Recent live excursions into the dreaded jazz-funk field are best left well alone, as are any of their records – once you’ve heard one, that’s more than enough.

Sex Pistols:
Bollocks. Even if, by some stretch of the imagination, the Pistols had made anything other than sub-standard run-through rock. And the recent tours are worse than pantomime.

Stick the flowers where they won’t grow and cheer up, you miserable bastards.

White Stripes:
You’re nothing but flavour of the month, kids - let’s see how popular you are in 2010, shall we.

Young, Neil:
One good album per decade. I mean Landing On Water. Why?

Zappa, Frank:
… the vast majority of mad Frank’s artsy meanderings are interminable tedium bested only by some of his live shows – a sonic Belsen, with xylophones delivering the sonic blow."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vincent Gallo/When


the book: is America better off under George W. Bush?

gallo: I feel very happy that Bush is our president. One way that you can tell we have a good president, is by how much the French dislike him. The more the French hate him, the better he must be. And they hate this one.

the book: was it difficult working with a drug addict. You're outspokenly anti-drug.

gallo: yeah, first of all, I hate the smell of pot. I'd rather smell the asshole of a 90 year old man than a joint. Not only that, I get contact high. Just from the thought of it I'm hallucinating. Quite frankly, all addicts are self-centered in the extreme, and they all give me the same bad feeling. Jean was one of the first to give me that. And although I have incredibly fond memories of his mind, if I'm really honest, I didn't really like him as a person. I was the first one to quit the band, which broke up one gig later. I didn't see him as a necessary collaborator. I saw him as somebody who knew how to work Debbie Harry, Arto Lindsay, John Lurie Á the in crowd. He knew how to become the myth he became.

Es difícil luego de estas opiniones hablar de "When" o de sus actuaciones, o de Buffalo 66.
De todas maneras creo que vale la pena escuchar el disco y que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones.
El ambiente soporífero del mismo siempre me pareció una especie de viaje opiáceo, sumamente onírico,
melancólico, frío, desolador. Pero parece que en lugar de heroína lo que consumía Vincent era cicuta.

Escuchando: Used to be//Violent Femmes

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Un canto para mama/Eduardo Mateo

Mama el día tá tan lindo
yo quisiera que

me des un beso
me des el tino
me des abrigo
mamá por Dios

Mama el día tá tan lindo
yo quisiera que

me des un premio
me des permiso
mamá me dieras
todo tu amor

Mama el día tá tan lindo
yo quisiera que

me des la vida
la vida linda
quiero estar siempre
mamá con vos.

Escuchando: Travesti/Las Tinieblas del Romance

Monday, June 12, 2006

And me ?

Bill is dead

escuchando: Wire/Outdoor Miner (Que animales por dios!!!)